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Daftar Drama Korea [Updated 27 Jun 2017]

       Daftar drama-drama dibawah ini adalah drama yang kami sediakan juga untuk anda. Agar anda lebih bisa menghemat waktu anda mencari tempat untuk membeli drama yang anda inginkan. Selain drama yang dibawah ini, anda juga bisa memesan drama yang anda inginkan. Untuk pemesanannya lihat di akhir halaman ini (klik disini). Dan jangan lupa beri komentar anda. Chingudeul gamsahabnida... ^_^

[Untuk pencarian lebih cepat tekan Ctrl + F, lalu ketik nama drama Korea yang diinginkan]


Dong Yi, 60ep = Rp 50.000,-
High Kick 3 (sub Eng) 123ep  = Rp 100.000,-
Jang Geum, 54ep = Rp 50.000,-
Loving Never Forgetting 34ep = Rp 51.000,-Queen Seonduk, 62ep = Rp 50.000,-
Playful Kiss I 16ep + Playful Kiss II 7ep = Rp 20.000,-
Pink Lipstick, 149ep = Rp 100.000,-
Smile Donghae (Subt Eng), 159ep = Rp100.000

Harga Normal Rp 1000,- / episode
1% of Anything 16ep
38 Task Force 16ep 
49 Days 20ep
7th Grade Civil Servant - My Girlfriend is An Agent 20ep
9 End 2 Outs 16ep
9 Seconds – Eternal Love 7ep
90 Days 16ep
A Gentlemans Dignity 20ep
A Love to Kill 16ep
A Man Called God 24ep
A New Leaf 16ep
A Witch's Love 16ep
Ad Genius Lee Tae Baek 16ep
Age of Youth 12ep
Air City 16ep
All About My Mom 54ep
All About My Romance 16ep
Angel Eyes 20ep
Angry Mom 16ep
Another Miss Oh 18ep
Answer to 1988 - Reply 1988 20ep
Answer to 1994 - Reply 1994 21ep
Answer to 1997 – Reply 1997 16ep
Arang and Magistrate 20ep
Assembly 16ep
Athena 20ep
Attic Cat/ Cat in a Rooftop Room 16ep
Auction House 12ep
Autumn Tale 16ep
Awl 16ep
Bad Couple 16ep
Bad Family 16ep
Bad Guy 17ep
Bad Guys 11ep
Bad Love 20ep
Be Positive 6ep
Beautiful Days 24ep
Beautiful Gong Shim 20ep 
Beautiful Mind 14ep
Because It's the First Time 6ep
Beethoven Virus 18ep
Beyond the Clouds 16ep
Big 16ep
Big Man 20ep
Birth of a Beauty 21ep
Birth Secret 18ep
Blood 20ep
Bluebird's House 50ep (Sub Indo + Eng)
Boarding House No. 24 12ep
Bong Soon, a Woman Who Dies When Loving 12ep
Boys Before Flower / Boys Over Flower 25ep
Bridal Mask 28ep
Bride of the Century 16ep
Brilliant Legacy - Shining Inheritance 28ep
Bubblegum 16ep
Cain and Abel 20ep
Can We Get Married 20ep
Can You Hear My Heart 30ep
Can't Lose 18ep
Capital Scandal 16ep
Celeb to Binbo Taro 11ep
Cheese in the Trap 16ep
Cheo Yong 2 10ep
Cheongdamdong Alice 16ep
Chicago Typewriter 16ep  ~new~
Chief Kim 20ep
Choco Bank 6ep
Chuno 24ep
Cinderella and Four Knights 16ep
Cinderella Man 16ep
Cinderella's Sister 20ep
Circle 12ep ~new~
City Hall 20ep
City Hunter 20ep
Click Your Heart 7ep
Coffee House 18ep
Coffee Prince 17ep
Come Back, Mister 16ep
Conspiracy In The Court 8ep
Couple Fantasy 16ep
Crime Squad 16ep
Cunning Single Lady 16ep
D-Day 20ep
Dae Mul - Big Fish - Big Things 24ep
Damo 14ep
Dating Agency: Cyrano 16ep
Dear My Friends 16ep
Defendant 18ep ~new~
Descendants of the Sun 16ep
Did We Really Love 44ep
Divorce Lawyer in Love 18ep
Discovery of Love 16ep
Doctors 20ep
Doctor Stranger 20ep
Doll House 12ep
Dr. Frost 10ep
Dr. Jin Time Slip 22ep
Dr. Ian 9ep
Dream High 16ep
Dream High Season 2 16ep
Drinking Solo 16ep
Emergency Couple 21ep
Emperor of the Sea 51ep
Empire of Gold 24ep
Empress Chun Chu 78ep
Empress Ki 51ep
Endless Love 2014 37ep
Entertainer 18ep  
Entourage 16ep 
Ex-Girlfriend Club 12ep
Exhibition of Fireworks 17ep
EXO Next Door 16ep
Faith 24ep
Falling for Challenge 6ep
Falling for Soonjung / Falling for Soonjung 16ep
Family's Honor 54ep
Fantastic 16ep
Fashion King 20ep
Fated to Love You 20ep
Feast of the Gods 32ep
Flatterer 12ep
Flower Boy Band - Shut Up, Flower Boy Band 16ep
Flower Boy Next Door 16ep
Flower Boy Ramyun Shop 16ep 
Flower Grandpa Investigation Team 12ep
Fool's Love / Hogu's Love 16ep
Full House 16ep
Full House Take 2 16ep
Gap Dong 20ep
Get Karl! Oh Soo Jung 16ep
Ghost - Phantom 20ep
Ghost Seeing Detective Cheo Yong 10ep
Glamorous Temptation 50ep
Go Ho, The Starry Night 4ep 
Goblin 16ep ~new~
God Of Study 16ep
God's Gift - 14 Days 16ep
God's Quiz 12ep
Golden Cross 20ep
Golden Rainbow 41ep
Goodbye Mr. Black 16ep
Good Doctor 20ep
Goong S - Prince Hours 20ep
Gu Family Book 24ep
Haeundae Lovers 16ep
Hanco 15ep
He's Beautiful 16ep
He Who Can't Marry 16ep
Healer 20ep
Heart to Heart 16ep
Heartstrings - You've Fallen for Me 15ep
Heartless City - Cruel City 20ep
Hello My Teacher 16ep
Her Legend 20ep
Her Lovely Heels 10ep
Hi! School - Love On 20ep
Hidden Identity 16ep
High-End Crush 20ep
High Society 16ep
Hong Gil Dong 24ep
Hotel King 32ep
Hotelier 20ep
Hwajung 50ep 
Hwang Jin Yi 24ep
Hwarang 20ep ~new~
Hyde, Jekyll, Me 20ep
I am Ghost 2ep
I Do I Do 16ep
I Have a Lover 50ep
I Hear Your Voice 18ep
I Miss You - Missing You 21ep
I Need Romance 3 16ep
I Order for You 16ep
Il Ji Mae 20ep
I'm Sam 16ep
Imaginary Cat 8ep
Incarnation of Money 24ep
Inspiring Generation - Age of Feelings 24ep
Introverted Boss / My Shy Boss / Sensitive Boss 16ep ~new~
Iris 1 20ep
Iris 2 (20ep)
Iron Man / Blade Man 18ep
It's Okay Daddy's Girl 17ep 
It's Okay, It's Love 16ep
Jackpot 24ep
Jang Ok Jung, Living In Love 24ep
Jang Young Shil 24ep
Jealousy Incarnate 24ep
Jingbirok: A Memoir of Imjin War 50ep (sub Eng)
Joseon Shooter/Joseon Gunman 22ep
Jung Yi, Goddess of Fire 32ep
Kill Me, Heal Me 20ep
Kim Sam Soon 16ep
King of Baker / King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo 30ep
King of High School Life Conduct 20ep
King 2 Hearts 20ep
Late Night Restaurant - Midnight Diner 20ep
Last 16ep
Let's Eat 2 18ep
Let's Eat 16ep
Let's Fight Ghost 16ep
Liar Game 12ep
Lie to Me 16ep
Loss Time Life 9ep
Love Cells - Dating DNA 15ep
Love Cells 2 12ep
Love Detective Sherlock K 10ep
Love Marriage 16ep
Love on a Rooftop 101ep (sub Eng)
Love Rain 20ep
Love Story in Harvard 16ep
Lucky Romance 16ep
L.U.V. Collage 3ep
Ma Boy 3ep
Maids 20ep
Madame Antoine 16ep 
Magic Bottle 3ep
Make a Woman Cry 40ep (sub Eng)
Mama - Nothing to Fear 24ep
Man of Honor / Glory Jane 24ep
Man to Man 16ep ~new~
Mandate of Heaven - The Fugitive of Joseon - Heaven's Will 20ep
Marriage Contract 16ep
Marriage Not Dating 16ep
Marriage Plot 16ep
Marry Him If You Dare - Future Choice - Mi Rae's Choice 16ep
Marry Me, Mary - Mary Stayed Out All Night 16ep
Marrying a Millionaire 16ep
Mask 20ep
Masked Prosecutor 16ep
Master: God of Noodles 20ep
Master's Sun 17ep
Me Too Flower 15ep
Memory 16ep
Medical Top Team 20ep
Midnight's Girl 8ep
Mimi 4ep
Mirror of the Witch 16ep
Misaeng / Incomplete Life / Not yet Alive 20ep
Miss Korea 20ep
Miss Ripley 16ep
Missing Korea 6ep
Missing Nine 16ep ~new~ 
Missing Noir M 10ep
Modern Farmer 20ep
Monstar 12ep
Monster 50ep
Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo 20ep
Moonlight Drawn by Clouds 18ep
Moorim School 16ep
Mr. Back 16ep
Mrs. Cop 2 20ep
Mrs. Cop 18ep
Ms. Temper and Nam Jung Gi 16ep
My Beautiful Bride 16ep
My Boss My Hero 10ep
My Fair Lady 16ep
My Girl 16ep
My Girlfriend is a Gumiho 16ep
My Lawyer, Mr. Jo 20ep
My Little Baby 16ep
My Lovable Girl - She's so Lovable16ep
My Love Eun Dong 16ep
My Love, Madame Butterfly 51ep (sub Eng)
My Love Patzzi 10ep
My Princess 16ep
My Secret Hotel 16ep
My Secret Romance 13ep ~new~ 
My Sweet Family 16ep
My Unfortunate Boyfriend 16ep
My Wife’s Having an Affair this Week 12ep
Myung Wol The Spy 18ep
Nail Shop Paris 10ep
Neighborhood Hero 16ep 
Never Die 5ep (Engsub)
New Tales of Gisaeng 52ep
Nice Guy - Innocent Man 20ep
Night King - Queen of Ambition - Yawang 24ep
Night Light 20ep
Nightmare Teacher 12ep 
Nine Time Travels 20ep
Noble, My Love 20ep
No Limit / Heading to the Ground 16ep
Ohlala Couple 18ep
Oh My Geum Bi 16ep
Oh My Ghost 16ep
Oh My Lady 16ep
Oh My Venus 16ep
One More Happy Ending 16ep
One Sunny Day 10ep
On the Way to the Airport 16ep
One Warm Word 20ep
Operation Love - Operation Proposal 16ep
Orange Marmalade 12ep
Page Turner 3ep
Painter Of The Wind 20ep
Panda and the Hedgehog 16ep
Paradise Ranch 16ep
Pasta 20ep
Perfect Wife 20ep ~new~
Personal Taste 16ep
Pied Piper 16ep
Pinocchio 20ep
Plus Nine Boys 14ep
Poseidon 16ep
Persevere, Goo Hae Ra 12ep
President 20ep
Pretty Man - Bel Ami 16ep
Pretty Young Woman - Baby Faced Beauty 20ep
Pride and Prejudice 21ep
Prime Minister and I 17ep
Prince of Prince 10ep
Princess Hours - Goong 24ep
Princess Man 24ep
Producer 12ep
Prosecutor Princess 16ep
Protect The Boss 18ep
Punch 19ep
Queen In Hyun’s Man 16ep
Queen Of Reversals 31ep
Rooftop Prince 20ep
Racing Hearts / Running Gu 4ep
Radiant Office 16ep ~new~
Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People 30ep ~new~
Remember 20ep
Remember You / Hello Monster 16ep
Reset 10ep
Riders: Catch Tomorrow 12ep
Road No. 1 20ep
Romance Full of Life 6ep ~new~
Romance Town 20ep
Romance Zero 16ep
Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim 20ep + Eps Spesial ~new~
Royal Family 18ep
Ruby Ruby Love 5ep ~new~
Let's Go to School Sang Doo 16ep
Saimdang, Light's Diary 28ep ~new~
Sassy Girl Chun Hyang 17ep
Sassy Go Go - Cheer Up 12ep
Scent of a Woman 16ep
Scholar Who Walks the Night 20ep
School 2013 16ep
Secret / Secret Love 16ep
Secret Door 24ep
Secret Garden 20ep
Secret Love Affair 16ep
Secret Love - Kara 10ep
Sensory Couple - Girl Who Sees Smells 16ep
Seven First Kisses 8ep
Shark 20ep
She is Wow 12ep
She Was Pretty 16ep
Shine or Go Crazy 24ep
Shopping King Louie 16ep
Signal 16ep
Six Flying Dragons 50ep
Solomon's Perjury 12ep
Splash Splash Love 2ep
Spring Days 20ep
Spring Waltz 20ep
Spy 16ep
Stairway to Heaven 20ep
Start Love 5ep
Star's Lover 20ep
Strong Woman Do Bong Soon 16ep ~new~
Summer Scent 20ep
Summer Love 2ep
Sunam Girls High School Investigators 14ep
Sungkyunkwan Scandal 20ep
Super Daddy Yul 16ep
Surplus Princess / The Mermaid 10ep
Swallow the Sun 25ep
Sweden Laundry 16ep
Sweet Stranger and Me / A Man Living at My House 16ep
Sweet Spy 20ep
Taming of the Heir - Invincible Lee Pyung Kang 16ep
Tamra The Island 16ep
Temptation of an Angel 21ep
Ten 2 - Special Affairs Team TEN 2 12ep
Ten - Special Affairs Team TEN 9ep
Terroir 20ep
Thank You 16ep
That Fool 16ep
That Winter, The Wind Blows 16ep
Three Days 16ep
The Best Lee Soon Shin 50ep
The Devil 20ep
The Eccentric Daughter in Law / Virtual Bride 12ep
The Fugitive Plan B 20ep
The Good Wife 16ep
The Greatest Love 16ep
The Greatest Marriage 16ep
The Heirs 20ep
The K2 16ep 
The King's Face 23ep
The King 2 Hearts 20ep
The King Of Dramas 18ep
The Legend of the Blue Sea 20ep
The Liar and His Lover 16ep ~new~
The Lover 12ep
The Merchant: Gaekju 41ep
The Miracle 12ep
The Moon That Embraces The Sun 20ep
The Night Watchman's Journal 20ep
The Queen's Classroom 16ep
The Return of Iljimae 24ep
The Secret Message 10ep
The Snow Queen 16ep
The Sound of Your Heart 20ep
The Strongest K-pop Survival 14ep
The Suspicious Housekeeper - The Strange Housekeeper 20ep
The Thorn Birds 20ep
The Thousandth Man 8ep
The Three Musketeers 12ep
The Time We Were Not In Love 16ep
The Village: Achiara's Secret 16ep
The Vineyard Man 16ep
The Universe's Star 6ep ~new~
To Be Continued 12ep
To the Beautiful You 16ep
Tomato 16ep
Tomorrow Boy 5ep
Tomorrow Cantabile 16ep
Tomorrow With You 16ep ~new~ 
Touching You 12ep
Triangle 26ep
Tree with Deep Roots 24ep
Trot Lovers 16ep
Tunnel 16ep ~new~ 
Twelve Men in a Year 16ep
Twenty Again - Second Time Twenty Years Old 16ep
Twenty Years Old 4ep
Two Weeks 16ep
Uncontrollably Fond 20ep
Unemployed Romance 10ep
Unkind Women 24ep
Valid Love 20ep
Vampire Detective 12ep
Vampire Flower 6ep
Vampire Prosecutor 12ep
Vampire Prosecutor season 2 11ep
Voice 16ep ~new~ 
W - Two Worlds 16ep
Wanted 16ep
Warrior Baek Dong Soo 29ep
Warm and Cozy 16ep 
We Broke Up 10ep
Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo 16ep ~new~
What Happened in Bali 20ep
What Happens to My Family 53ep
When A Man Loves 20ep
Whisper 16ep ~new~
White Christmas 8ep
Who Are You 2013 16ep
Who Are You 17ep
Who Are You: School 2015 16ep
Wild Romance 16ep
Winter Sonata 20ep
Witch Yoo Hee 16ep
Woman with a Suitcase 20ep
Wonderful Life 16ep
Worlds Within - The World That They Live In 16ep
Yi San 77ep
Yong Pal 18ep
You Who Came From the Stars 21ep
You're All Surrounded 20ep
You're Beautiful 16ep

Harga Rp 2.000,- / episode
Don't Worry I'm a Ghost 1ep
Noriko, Goes to School 1ep

Harga Rp 2.000 - 3.000,- / episode
Running Man (Variety Show)

Harga Rp 5.000,- / episode
Our Slightly Risque Relationship 1ep

Drama Jepang
1 Litre of Tears 11ep
Code Blue 11ep
Code Blue 2 - 11ep
Friends 4ep
From 5 to 9 a.k.a 5-ji Kara 9-ji Made 10ep
Hana Yori Dango
Hana Yori Dango 2
Itazura na Kiss: Love in Tokyo 16ep
Itazura na Kiss: Love in Tokyo 2 16ep
Lunch Queen 12ep (Eng Subt)
Me and My Star's 99 Days 10ep
Mr Brain 8ep
Nodame Cantabile 11ep (Eng Subt)
Remote 10ep (Eng Subt)
Rich Man Poor Woman 11ep
Samurai High School 9ep (Eng Subt)
We Married as a Joba.k.a Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu 11ep

Drama China/Taiwan
Back to 1989 21ep (engsub)
Beautiful Secret 39ep (Eng Sub)
Boss and Me 33ep
Constellation Women Series Aquarius 11ep
Constellation Women Series LEO 9ep
Constellation Women Series Pisces 10ep
Demon Girl 20ep 
Fall in Love 30ep
Fall in Love with Me 20ep
Love Cuisine 22ep
Love Me If You Dare 24ep
Love O2O / Just One Smile is Very Alluring / Weiwei's Beautiful Smile 30ep
Mars 21ep (Eng sub)
Marry Me or Not 15ep (Eng Sub)
Material Queen 20ep (Eng Sub)
Meteor Garden I 27ep (Eng Sub)
Meteor Garden II 31ep (Eng Sub)
Moon River 30ep
My Amazing Boyfriend 28ep
My Queen 21ep (Engsub)
Refresh Man 17ep
Romantic Princess 13ep (Eng Sub)
Someone Like You 20ep
Sunshine Angel - Sunny Girl 22ep (Eng Sub)
The Queen of Sop 33ep
Tornado Girl 2 35ep

Sedang Diproses
Duel 16ep
Lookout 32ep
Love for a Thousand More 10ep
My Sassy Girl 
Mystery Queen 16ep
Seven Day Queen 20ep
The Best Hit
Third-Rate My Way 20ep
Trace of the Hand 17ep

Kdrama English Subtitle:
A Man's Story 20ep
All About Eve 20ep
Beautiful You 122ep
Bodyguard 22ep
Brain 20ep
Dal Jas Spring 22ep
Dr. Champ 16ep
Emperor of the Sea 51ep
Empress Chun Chu 78ep
Family's Honor 54ep
Flowers For My Life 16ep
Glowing She 12ep
Great Inheritance 17ep
Hello Miss 16ep
I am a Legend 16ep
I Am Sorry I Love You 16ep
I Need Romance 16ep
Into the Sun 20ep
Jumong 81ep
Jungle Fish 8ep
Midas 21ep
My Country Call 16ep
My Sweet Seoul 16ep
New Heart 23ep
Princess Ja Myung Go 39ep
Queen's Flower 50ep
Que Sera Sera 17ep
Save The Last Dance 20ep
Secret Investigation Record - Joseon X-Files 12ep
Successful Story of a Bright Girl 16ep
Tazza 21ep
The Great Seer 35ep
The Women's Room 119ep
The Woman Who Wants To Marry 16ep

Untuk order drama-drama diatas hubungi: 081934293904 (SMS ONLY)
Harga Rp 1000 /episode
Pemesanan Minimal Rp 35.000, diluar ongkir.
Fasilitas & Ketentuan:
1. Box (kotak) dengan sampul yang cantik (desain khusus), satu-satunya di dunia
2. Subtitle Bahasa Indonesia [+ sub asing bila tersedia]
3. Disertai Program Player (program pemutar) untuk Laptop/PC & Android
4. Bonus OST
5. Bonus spesial edition /episode spesial (bila ada)
6. Ongkir JNEKantor Pos ditanggung pembeli
7. Gratis movie Korea jika pembelian diatas 35 rb diluar ongkir
8. Tidak ada bagian film yang dipotong alias full tiap epsnya

Note: DVD hanya bisa play di PC/Laptop/Android, tidak bisa di DVD Player
Cara order klik DISINI
Dan ingat! Like "Page FB: Jual DVD Drama Korea" kami, ya!! ^_^
~Terima kasih~
Bukti pengiriman paket, bisa dilihat disini

Kualitas HDTV 450p s/d 720p, dengan format film mp4, avi, mkv, rmvb, gambar tajam dan jernih serta suara dijamin BAGUS.
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