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Daftar Movie Korea

Annyeonghaseyo... chingu!! Pada halaman yang ini, saya akan memposting daftar-daftar Movie Korea yang sudah ready stock. Daftarnya tidak sebanyak yang ada di daftar drama Korea, tapi jika didalam daftar ini belum tersedia movie yang ingin chingu beli, chingu bisa request dan sms ke 081934293904. Oke, langsung saja kita lihat daftarnya, ya, chingu.

[Tekan Ctrl + F, lalu ketik movie yang dicari]

Daftar Movie yang harganya Rp 5.000:
100 Days With Mr Arrogant
200 Pound Beauty
4th Peroid Mistery
6 Years in Love
71 Into the Fire
A Company Man
A Dirty Carnival
A Hard Day
A Long Visit - My Mom
A Millionaire First Love
A Million
A Moment to Remember
A Tale of Two Sisters
A Violent Prosecutor
A Werewolf Boy
Alice - Boy from Wonderland
Always - Only You
April Snow
Architecture 101
Arrow The Ultimate Weapon 2011
As One
Attack on the Gas Station 2
Attack On The Pin Ups Boys
Baby And Me
Boomerang Family
C'est si bon
Chronicle of a Blood
Circle of Atonement
City of Fathers
Coin Locker Girl
Cold Eyes
Come Rain Come Shine 2011
Commitment - Alumni 2013
Confidental Assignment
Dance of The Dragon
Death Bell
Death Bell 2
Detective Cha - Runway Cop 2012
Detective K Secret of the Lost Island
Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do
Don't Cry Mommy
Elegant Lies
Enemies In-Law 1
Enemies In-Law 2 / Clash of the Families 2
Fabricated City
Fly Daddy Fly
Fly High
Flying Boys
For Love or Money
For the Emperor
Friend 2
Gangnam Blues
God Of Study
Good Morning President
Guns and Talks
Hearbreak Library
Hearty Paws 1
Hearty Paws 2
Hello Ghost
Hello Schoolgirl
Hot Young Blood
How to Use Guys with Secrets Tips 2013
Hwang Jin Yi
I am Ghost
I am Happy
I am a Killer - I am Murderer 2012
Innocent Thing
Intimate Enemies
Iris the Movie
Jackal Are Coming 2012
Just Friends 2009
Just Friends 2010
Killer Toon 2013
Late Autumn
Legendary Fist
Life Risking Romannce
Like for Likes
Little Black Dress
Love 911
Love Fiction
Love Forecast
Lucid Dream
Man on the Edge
Marriage Blue
May 18
Memory of the Sword
Miracle Ba Bo - BA:BO
Miracle in Cell No. 7 (2013)
Miss Granny
Mood of the Day
Mourning Grave
Mr. Perfect
My Boss My Hero
My Boyfriend is Type B
My Brilliant Life
My Dictator
My Darling FBI
My Girl and I
My Girlfriend Is An Agent
My Little Bride
My Love My Bride
My Mighty Princess
My New Sassy Girl
My Sassy Girl (2001)
My Tutor Friend
My Tutor Friend 2
New Trial
New World
No Breathing 2013 
Northern Limit Line
One Day
One Perfect Day
One Way Trip
Operation Chromite
Ordinary Person
Our School E.T
Our Slightly Risque Relationship
Part Time Spy
Penny Pinchers
Pefect Proposal
Petty Romance
Postman to Heaven
Princess Hwanpyung
Proof of Innocence
Psychometry 2013
Public Enemy Return
Pure Love
Rabbit And Lizard
Relation of Face, Mind and Love
Road to Home - The Way Home
Rockin' on Heaven's Door 2013
Rolling Home with a Bull
Rough Cut 
Running Man 2013
Secretly Greatly 2013
Sector 7
Seducing Mr. Perfect
She's On Duty
Slow Video
Snow is On The Sea
Soar into the Sun
Spohies Revenge
Special ID
Speed Racer
Speed Scandal (2008)
Steal My Heart / Catch Me
Sympathy For Lady Vengeance
Sympathy For Mr.Vengeance
Tazza 2
Tazza The High Rollers
The Advocate A Missing Body
The Assassins
The Beauty Inside
The Berlin File 2013
The Case of Itaewon Homicide
The Cat
The Cat Funeral
The Client
The Con Artist - The Technicians
The Evil Twin
The Face Reader
The Fatal Encounter
The Grand Heist
The Himalayas
The Huntresses
The King
The King And The Clown
The Last Blossom
The Last Princess
The Long Way Home
The Magician
The Man from No Where
The Piper
The Relation of Face, Mind and Love
The Royal Tailor
The Silenced
The Sound of a Flower
The Spy Undercover Operation
The Sword With No Name 2009
The Terror Love
The Thieves 2012
The Third Way of Love
The Throne
The Treacherous
The Youth
The Concubine
Tidal Wave - Haeundae
Top Star
Train to Busan
Untold Scandal
Very Ordinary Couple 2013
Virgin Snow
Wedding Dress 2010
When I was the Prettiest
Whispering Corridors 4 Voice
Why did You Come to My House
Wonderful Nightmare
You Are My Pet 2011

Movie harga Rp 8.000:
Flying Boys
Love Me Not
My Love By My Side

Movie/acara musik harga Rp 10.000:
I AM. SMTown
KBS Gayo Daechukje 2014
MAMA 2012 (Mnet Asian Music Awards 2012)
Music Bank Jakarta 2013 / Mubank JKT 2013
SBS Gayo Daejun 2014
SIA 2016 (Style Icon Asia 2016)
Speed Racer (2008)

Movie (acara penghargaan) harga Rp 15.000:
MAMA 2013 (Mnet Asian Music Awards 2013)
MAMA 2014 (Mnet Asian Music Awards 2014)
MAMA 2015 (Mnet Asian Music Awards 2015)
MAMA 2016  (Mnet Asian Music Awards 2015)

Konser/acara penghargaan harga Rp 20.000:
SMTown Live World Tour in Madison Square Garden New York

Movie Thailand
30+ Single on Sale
A Little Thing Called Love - First Love
Art Idol
ATM Er Rak Error
Bangkok Traffic Love Story
Bedside Detective
Best of Times
First Kiss
Hello Stranger
Love at First Flood
Love Like
My Name is Love
My True Friend
Ong Bak
Pee Mak
Phobia 2
Rathree Reborn
Season Change
Seven Something
Suddenly It's Magic
Sunset at Chaophraya
Teenage Love
The Billionaire
The Love of Siam
Their Love Story
Virgin Am I
Yes or No

Untuk order movie Korea hubungi: 081934293904 (SMS ONLY)
Harga Rp 1000 /episode
Pemesanan Minimal Rp 35.000, diluar ongkir.
Fasilitas & Ketentuan:
1. Box (kotak) dengan sampul yang cantik (desain khusus), satu-satunya di dunia
2. Subtitle Bahasa Indonesia [+ sub asing bila tersedia]
3. Disertai Program Player (program pemutar) untuk Laptop/PC & Android
4. Bonus OST
5. Bonus spesial edition /episode spesial (bila ada)
6. Ongkir JNEKantor Pos ditanggung pembeli
7. Gratis movie Korea jika pembelian diatas 35 rb diluar ongkir
8. Tidak ada bagian film yang dipotong alias full tiap epsnya

Note: DVD hanya bisa play di PC/Laptop, dan tidak bisa di DVD Player
Cara order klik DISINI
Dan ingat! Like "Page FB: Jual DVD Drama Korea" kami, ya!! ^_^
~Terima kasih~

Kualitas HDTV 450p s/d 720p, dengan format film mp4, avi, mkv, rmvb, gambar tajam dan jernih serta suara dijamin BAGUS.

11 komentar:

  1. Min, klo dvd MAMA Mnet 2015 udh da blom ??

  2. Komentar ini telah dihapus oleh pengarang.

  3. I AM. SMTown sma SMTown Live World Tour in Madison Square Garden New York nya masih ada ga? trus durasinya brp lama?

  4. Min ada jual reality show gx...

  5. Hai kk. Kalo we got married pasangan tertentu bisa direquest ga?

    1. Halo. Utk WGM kami belum open request ya kak

  6. Min aku mau obsessed masih ada gaa yaaa. Brp episode dia.


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